March 2, 2013

38 Weeks

I am 38 weeks pregnant now and the day is approaching when I'll meet this little person face to face :)
I have been reading a really encouraging book on pregnancy called Redeeming Childbirth. I'm not done yet, but I would recommend every Christian pregnant woman to read this. You can check out the author's website and learn more about the book here:

I had been wanting to read a book on pregnancy with a christian perspective but hadn't found one. This has been so good.


It's true, I should mention a bit more about this book and what I have learned from it so far. It talks a lot about including God in the labour process. That it can be a time of worshipping Him through the pain and seeing how He is merciful. This is now something that I desire for this birth and hope to implement. I've created a playlist of worship music just for this time. I also want prayer to be a part of the labour process as well. And I hope to have a few people lined up to pray for us during this time too.


Mama S said...

Tell me more, how did you like it? What is the biggest thing you have learned?

Geniève said...

See my edit :)